Andreea Florea Accessories

Andreea Florea Accessories

One of the passions – or at least interests – of every woman from since when she was young, is represented by clothes, accessories, or jewelry, these details that make us feel unique, which is a continuation of our personality and individualism.
This is the reason why handmade accessories are so sought after today, and independent artists and creators are much appreciated.

Andreea Florea is one of those people who have turned her passion into a job. Loving accessories and fashion, Andreea has chosen to do what she loves: going into art school and graduated from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, in the textile art section.
With more than 10 years of experience as a clothing designer, the interest for creating accessories came in a unique way, but somehow natural. It all started from … buttons! Being surrounded by textiles, fabrics and implicitly – buttons, Andreea began creating necklaces of these buttons which were always in surplus in her studio.

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Now, the range of accessories that she creates with as much carefulness and perfectionism is more varied: from earrings, rings, necklaces or bracelets, to purses and of course: clothing. All of these creations have femininity and beauty in common.

The harmony of textile materials, fabrics and lace combined with beads, rhinestones or metal accessories and the special care that Andreea pays to every detail and step of the creative process – from idea, sketch, pattern, so the choice of materials and manufacture itself – makes these items more than mere objects, they bring a special and unique style of the wearer. A handmade accessory is always a special gift, whether you give it to you or your loved one, just because it is so easily noticed!

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Because, unfortunately, especially in the realm of the handmade crafts, a trend has developed in the market that is not ethical: there are some who mix handmade objects with those that do not fit in this category. It is important to mention that all of Andreea Florea’s products are handmade, being unique being made in series that are very small, all manually created after her own ideas. Therefore, professing these ideas enchant us and makes us appreciate this type of art even more.

You can discover the accessories created by Andreea Florea on her personal site or at market fairs and events of the particular profile. Also, the products are exposed in her studio on Traian Moșoiu street – information for those who are curious to discover how the space of an artist looks, the place that gives birth to these wonderful products.

Designer: Florea Andreea Emilia
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +40.744.366752
Showroom: no. 42 Traian Moşoiu Street

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