Vila Vank

DN75, Arieșeni, România

Accommodation in Arieseni at the Villa Vank Resort
Vila Vank Resort is located in Arieseni, Alba County, at an altitude of 860 m, in the Aries Valley in the heart of the Apuseni Mountains.
Vila Vank Resort consists of two cottages (Vila Vank and Vila Sarra-Vank) lying side by side, with a capacity of over 80 places to satisfy your requirements.
Vila Vank Resort has a spacious car park.

Our accommodation offer in Arieseni
You can choose from numerous accommodation options in the Apuseni Mountains: accommodation in Arieseni at Vila Vank, accommodation in Arieseni at Villa Sarra-Vank, accommodation in Scarisoara Padurar House, accommodation in Horea Commune at Cabana Padurea Verde, accommodation in Sohodol at Cabana Lihoc or accommodation in the heart of the forest in Cabana Runc, where you can participate in the preparation and tasting of traditional balmos.
For a better idea about our locations feel free to consult our map of the Apuseni Mountains.

If you are fond of hiking, our guides will lead a tour of the most important sights of the Apuseni Mountains, with horse drawn sleighs in winter or by foot admiring the stunning views of the mountains.
After an exhausting day you can enjoy traditional Transylvanian dishes, made from 100% natural products, spiced with all of our love.

Apuseni Mountains – Țara Moților – country of longing
Țara Moților (Apuseni Mountains), the sweet taste of history, the warm wind of the mountains, the frozen suffering of people. A lost world in the heart of Apuseni Mountains, is where every Romanian should see it at least once in life. A trip to the Land of Stone is a sweet dream to be lived in the solemnity of reality. Every Romanian has heard about Țara Moților, so we say this: Come and satisfy the longing in your hearts!

Who we are?
We are your soul guides through Țara Moților.
Give us your time, we take care of the rest.
Arieseni is a tourist resort of local interest. The main attraction in winter are the ski slope in Vartop – two slopes with lifts and a ski slope with ski-lift. In the summer you can go sightseeing in the village and surroundings: Groapa Ruginoasa, Ghetarul Vartop, Varful Piatra Graitoare, Ponor Fortress, Coiba Mare Cave, Varful Bihorul, Varful Taul Mare, Bucinis Waterfall, Varciorog Waterfall, Patrahaitesti Museum, Ghetarul Scarisoara, Izbucul Tauz, and the Poarta lui Ionele Cave.

Vila Vank

General Information:

  • Address:DN75, Arieșeni, România
  • Phone:0788 - 669 018
  • Number of rooms:45