Perla Ardealului

Comuna Ciucea, DN1, judetul Cluj

Perla Ardealului, Ciucea commune, Cluj County.

Pensiunea Perla Ardealului offers accommodation with breakfast, half board or full board.

Rooms are double or king size bed, all equipped with their own bathrooms, TV, and internet access. All rooms have TVs with the full range of programs broadcast by DigiTV.

In addition, on each floor, you can relax in comfortable and bright living room to make your stay more enjoyable.

On the guesthouse’s ground floor, the restaurant invites you to taste a wide variety of culinary varieties, traditional Transylvanian recipes specially created to delight the most demanding gourmet tastes.

Outside there is a large covered terrace, ready to offer extra relaxation.

Pensiunea Perla Ardealului benefits from a spacious parking lot for any customer who decides to stay with us.

The 3 star guesthouse has 10 rooms in total with 2 beds each, or a larger bed, central heating, new plumbing, and a restaurant.The price for a room is 80 lei.

Accommodation unit included in the Clujul Vazut Altfel project.
Photographer: Codruta Georgescu

Address: Ciucea Commune, no. 182D, DN1, Cluj County
Telephone: 0730019015, 0264258022
E-mail: [email protected]

Perla Ardealului

General Information:

  • Address:Comuna Ciucea, DN1, judetul Cluj
  • Phone:0730019015
  • Number of rooms:10


  • Bathroom
  • Breakfast
  • Central Heating
  • Private Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Room Service
  • Television
  • Washing Machine
  • Wireless Internet