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Sâncraiu, Cluj County, Romania

Davincze Tours travel agency

The area between Cluj and Huedin is known by Hungarians as Kalotaszeg (Romanian: zona Călata). It is an interesting area in the geographical, historical and ethnographic points of view, including 42 villages and offers great touristic potential. Hungarian culture has remained intact here with a popular tradition that is still alive with residents who still proudly wear their beautiful clothing.

The ecotourism network is coordinated by the Davincze Tours travel agency. Accommodation is made in in ecotouristic guesthouses and holiday homes certified by the Ministry of Tourism (there is an approximate total capacity of 250 places available). Half-board or full board are provided throughout the year, regardless of season.

In Sancraiu and the Calata area there are over 50 such accommodations, coordinated by the Davincze Tours travel agency. You can find details about each of them by accessing the agency’s page: Guesthouses in Sâncraiu.

Accommodation unit included in the Clujul Vazut Altfel project.
Potographer: Huszar Bogdan

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Sâncraiu (Kalotaszentkirály), no. 291, Cluj County, Romania
Tel: 0040-264-257580, Mobil: 0040-745-637352
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.kalotaszeg-davincze.ro

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  • Address:Sâncraiu, Cluj County, Romania
  • Phone:0745.637352, 0264.257580
  • Number of rooms:30