Cabana Leghia

Leghia, Cluj County, Romania

Cabana Leghia 

Accommodation unit is included in the ,,Clujul văzut altfel: 422 sate, 75 comune, 5 municipii, 1 oraș.” project.
We thank your volunteers Simonis Laurențiu and Diana Casian for the gathering of materials and photography. 

Cabana Leghia is a touristic complex located in the village Leghia, in Aghireşu Commune, Cluj County. Located at an altitude of 567 m, on the Bailor creek. It was built in the autumn of 1966 on the former bathhouse in Leghia. In the past, they were owned by the Roman Catholic Church.

Although the baths were demolished in the World War II, the complex was taken over by new owners, and has since experienced a period of accelerated growth.
Today, Leghia Cabana offers 132 beds and a dining room for 500 people. The natural setting in which it is situated, is one that is exceptional, combining green forest, the overwhelming beauty of mountains, and extremely pure air.

Telephone: 0742 918 784
E-mail: [email protected]

Cabana Leghia

General Information:

  • Address:Leghia, Cluj County, Romania
  • Phone:0742 918 784
  • Number of rooms:35


  • Bathroom
  • Cable TV
  • Heating
  • Internet
  • Mobile Phone Signal
  • Soccer Field
  • Sports Hall