A Day at the Sheepfold



A day at the sheepfold

This route is recommended for all ages, lovers of nature and eco-friendly products, they want to live or relive a day in the life of a traditional Transylvanian village. Pets are allowed.
The road conditions are generally good, except for about 10 km between Vultureni and Recea Cristur, where we recommend taking your time.

I. Access roads in the area:
1. From Cluj-Napoca, through Chinteni, Vultureni, and Recea Cristur about 60 km
2. From Dej through Bobalna about 30 km

Gas Station: Vultureni
Length of stay: one day or more depending on your preference

II. Facilities for Activities:

hiking, biking, berry picking and medicinal plants, hunting, horseback riding

III. Trip description:

In the village of Osoi, in the Recea Cristur commune, you can spend a day or more at the sheepfold administered by the farmer Alexander Duma farmer and his wife.
Located in a hilly area, and surrounded by forests, the village of Osoi, offers tourists outstanding views. The enthusiastic farmer Alexander Duma will personally lead you through all of the places that full of history and legends.




Once at home, you can choose to attend alone or with your family on the specific activities of sheepfold: especially milking and the manufacture of telemelea.. Mrs. Duma, will prepare delicious dishes, from which all of the ingredients are produced at home..

In the evening you will enjoy a glass of tuica, homemade every step of the way. For those willing and able to stay there overnight, all is done in the Duma family home.

On departure you can purchase many dairy products, jams, tuica, lamb, beef, pork, even their freshly baked bread from the oven. Upon request Ms Duma can bring you dairy products weekly if you live in Cluj. Contact number 0744 907 496.

IV. Attractions in the area:
Wooden orthodox church (monument) of Osoi

V. Curiosities:
The oldest man in the world lived in Osoi: it is Maftei Pop, who appears to have lived for 148 years, according to the death certificate. Locals believe that this was due to the purely natural food that Osoi produces

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