How to use the City Card 2015

City Card 2015 Cluj

How to use the City Card 2015


We would like to present a short “instruction manual” for using the card. To begin with, here are the most important and useful links:

1. City Card Pageclick here – gives you the opportunity to order online, list of offers + other useful information regarding the City Card.

2. List of City Card Partners – click here – gives you a complete list, updated daily, of al City Card partners that offers benefits for City Card holders. Each City Card partner gives a general description and explains in details its City Card offers. The list continues to grow, so we suggest that you check it regularly so that you will be up to date with all of the advantages from which you can benefit from. You can select what exactly interests you, in regards to the type of offer or category in which are included our partners (ex: Cultural, Services, Tourism, etc.)
3. City Card Events click here.’s website publicizes approximately 40 events daily. This page can help you better understand which of these events are included in the list of City Card partners and if so, what type of benefits exist for card holders (invitations, discounts, etc). We would like to mention that the display spans a period not exceeding 10 days from the current day. Thus, if today is October 17 then will only show events of the next ten days – until October 27.

In general, these are the three pages you are helpful. In addition, there is also a facebook page for the City Card: here

Depending on the type of offers here is how the City Card works:

1. Pubs and various services
Here is included the majority of City Card partners. From restaurants, hotels, to beauty salons. In the case of several partners, all you have to do is present the card (before drafting the bill, preferably it is best to say that you have a City Card from the outset) .

However, each offer is personalized. You will benefit from various discounts depending on the partner’s offer and, in some cases, these reductions are conditional. For example, some restaurants only have limited hours when they offer these discounts, others offer more substantial reductions on certain days of the week, etc.
These features can be analyzed on the “List of City Card Partners” that we mentioned above.

2. Museums
After activating your City Card, when you decide that you want to go to a partner museum, please ask for package coupons with free entry to the museums. Click here to request free invitations to museums. They will be delivered at home by courier or you can pick up at our office. Here are our City Card partner museums:
1. The Ethnographic Museum – 2 coupons (ie, two entrances/ year)
2. National Ethnographic Park Romulus Vuia – 2 coupons
3. National Museum of Transylvanian History – 2 coupons (also valid for the Pharmacy Museum)
4. Art Museum Cluj-Napoca – 2 coupons
5. Museums UBB – 4 coupons / year – also valid for the following 6 museums:

– Botanical Museum and Botanical Garden
– Mineralogical Museum
– University Museum
– Museum of Paleontology and Stratigraphy
– Zoological Museum
– Vivarium

Entries are based on the coupon and City Card.

3. Events – theater, opera, philharmonic concerts, festivals etc.
City Card has partnered with the most important cultural institutions in the city. In addition, we have also temporarily established partnerships with other events. To check the City Card Partner events  click here.
For some, you can get tickets at reduced prices or other advantages. Most include the possibility to get free entrances, subject to availability.

How does the online booking system work? First, the card must be activated: here. From the list of City Card Events, select the desired event. Once the event page has been opened, where there are tickets available, you will see a green button. Click the button, enter the card number (you can find on the back of the card), no spaces between characters without the letter “C”, send the request and confirm! You will receive an automated email confirming that you are getting the invitation.

Please read the confirmation email carefully. You will find details on the conditions for receiving the invitation.
If you have any questions, please contact us!