BCR City Card

BCR City Card

BCR City Card

Beginning in 2015, through the collaboration with the Romanian Commercial Bank (BCR) and Mastercard was launched in Cluj first contactless bank card, dedicated to young people aged 14 to 30 , which includes benefits of the city card type!

BCR City Card is a debit card with the contactless function and has multiple benefits: no cost of issuing and management, free cash withdrawals at BCR ATMs, mobility through free access to Alo and Click 24 Banking, the card also offers discounts to an extensive network of merchants (hotels, restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, leisure activities – see here the list of offers). The card is issued free and on the spot, once the ID has been presented.

BCR City Card’s partners, more than a list of retailers offering some discounts, also offers some recommendations, a challenge to young people to discover what they have to offer for each of them: from service quality, originality and new ideas, to pleasant interactions in a friendly atmosphere. The number of City Card BCR partners is growing, the goal of the project consists of ensuring diversity among the widest range of fields. We want each holder of BCR City Card to explore this list of offers and to find something that interests him and suits his sphere of interest.

The launch of this card in Cluj, as said Dana Demetrian, Vice President for Retail & Private Banking, BCR, is not random.

“Because BCR is the Official Bank of the European Youth Capital is is normal to give young people in Cluj opportunity to be the first recipients of this card in the country. Later, we will reach BCR City Card in every university town in the country, but in the short term, we will distribute this card in BCR units located in major university centers so as to promote the city of Cluj among all students in Romania”

It is an effective way to promote Cluj-Napoca at the national level and for encouraging the BCR City Card holders to (re) discover Cluj and all of the special places that are – from tourist attractions to restaurants or interesting projects.
The debit card BCR CITY CARD can be yours soon! Hurry and get yours now!

Useful information about BCR City Card:

Instant Card which you can use immediately
ZERO cost of issuing and administration
no commission payments to merchants
prompt payment by contactless technology
Free cash withdrawals from BCR ATM
24/7 access:
– Can be used at any ATM in Romania and abroad for cash
– In Easy 24 Banking BCR areas where you can perform using the card, transactions through ATMs, MFM-sized (multifunctional machine) and phone
Discounts at City Card partners in Cluj-Napoca (see bcr.cluj.com for details)
Discounts on purchases with the card payment BCR partners (see www.bcr.ro for details)
view the last 10 account transactions by requesting for mini-statements at any BCR ATM
payment or withdrawal of local currency, anywhere in the world
increased safety of transactions due to embedded chip technology
ATM PIN code directly from BCR, without commission

The main conditions for issuing and using the BCR CITY CARD, valid today:

Tip Comision

BCR City Card

Comision emitere Card
– principal

0 Lei

– la reînnoire 0 Lei
– suplimentar

0 Lei

Comision mentenanţă lunară Card principal

0 Lei

Comision mentenanţă lunară Card suplimentar

0 Lei

Retragere numerar ATM-uri BCR

0 Lei

Retragere numerar ghişee BCR (POS, Imprinter)

0,5%, minim 8 Lei

Retragere numerar de la alte bănci (ATM, ghişee prin POS)

1% + 6 Lei

Retragere numerar de la ATM-uri ale băncilor din Erste Group

0,25%, minim 0,5 Lei

Retragere numerar de la alte ATM-uri decât cele din Erste Group şi din Unităţile Bancare (POS, Imprinter)

1% + 6 Lei

Comision interogare sold la ATM-urile BCR

0 Lei

Comision interogare sold ATM-urile altor bănci în ţară şi străinătate

2,5 Lei

Comision de conversie valutară la tranzacţii efectuate în altă monedă faţă de cea a cardului


Comision contestare nejustificată a unei tranzacţii

30 Lei/tranzacţie

Comision refacere Card furat /pierdut /schimbare nume /deteriorat/la cerere

20 Lei

Comision modificare suma maximă care poate fi retrasă zilnic în numerar prin ATM

5 Lei

Comision generare lista cu ultimele 10 tranzacţii la ATM BCR

1 Leu